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Orthodontic treatment for children

Orthodontic treatment for children

Nothing lights up a room like a child’s smile and at Auckland Orthodontics we want to ensure your child has the confidence to smile. That is why we encourage an early orthodontic consultation for our younger patients. We want to set them up with a beautiful smile for life.

The importance of early treatment

The health and wellbeing of a child is important to all parents, and that extends to orthodontic treatment. Establishing a regular oral hygiene routine with daily brushing and flossing is the very best start you can give a child. Regular visits to your family dentist are also important to ensure your child’s teeth are growing as they should and not showing signs of cavities.

But an orthodontist plays a key role in your child’s oral health as well. At Auckland Orthodontics, we have created an environment where children are welcomed and encouraged to relax in the orthodontist’s chair, giving us the opportunity to fully assess the growth of your child’s teeth and jaw and identify any orthodontic issues that may arise in years to come.

Benefits of early treatment for children

It is recommended by orthodontic associations that children have an early orthodontic consultation between the ages of seven and 11. During this period in a child’s life, the majority of all baby teeth have fallen out and adult teeth are coming through.

At an early orthodontic consultation we will:

  • Talk with you and your child about the role orthodontists play in their oral healthcare
  • Help them to be relaxed in an orthodontic clinic environment
  • Assess the position of their teeth and alignment of their jaws to make sure they fit your child’s overall social profile
  • Identify any orthodontic issues that may be developing
  • Start preliminary orthodontic treatment to minimise issues if required
  • Take records of your child’s teeth and jaw to keep on record for planning of orthodontic treatment in their teenage years (if required)

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Give your child the best chance to have a beautiful smile they’re confidence to show off. Book them in for an early consultation with our team of orthodontic professionals at Auckland Orthodontics and we’ll ensure they leave with an even bigger smile on their face!

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