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The secret to your smile - Invisalign® for adults

Invisalign® is trusted by millions of patients worldwide to deliver beautiful and fast results. Suitable for a wide range of dental issues, Invisalign® exerts powerful yet gentle pressure on your teeth. After taking detailed and precise 3D impressions with our advanced digital scanning tech, we’ll create several sets of aligners bespoke to your bite. Impressive and effective, patients love Invisalign® aligners for their comfort and convenience, as well as their invisible aesthetic.

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What to expect from Invisalign® aligners

Your free Invisalign® consultation is the first step towards straighter teeth. We will take detailed pictures and advanced 3D impressions. Once we know how your teeth look now, we can transform your smile over the course of 12-18 months. Some patients will see initial results very quickly and can use Invisalign® Express. Individual results vary but Invisalign® aligners work faster and smarter than traditional braces. They’re also more comfortable and convenient, as well as being virtually invisible!

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