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Early orthodontic treatment for children

Who doesn’t love to see the joy on their child’s face when they flash a toothy grin? Sadly, some children lack the confidence to smile, even when they’re at their happiest. Accessing orthodontic treatment for your child at the earliest opportunity is a key investment in their oral health, as well as their future happiness.

The importance of early intervention

Most parents will already have established a thorough oral hygiene routine with their child and seen a dentist regularly when they realise their child needs orthodontics. This can be obvious early on, so we recommend patients visit us around age 7.

Early intervention is crucial for heading off issues with oral health before things become more serious. Helping young patients with dental issues now can reduce the need for more invasive and expensive future treatment.


Treatment options for children

From invisible clear aligners, like Invisalign® First, to functional appliances that alter their jaw and arch development, Auckland Orthodontics can help. We have years of experience with young patients and know how to make them feel at ease during treatment.

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