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Transforming your smile using braces

When you have your initial consultation with our friendly and professional team, we will talk you through all the types of braces available at Auckland Orthodontics. Treatment costs, expected time frames and achievable results will all differ per patient. We provide a range of different options suitable for transforming every smile, at every age.

What are traditional metal braces?

Metal archwires are strung across teeth, attached via high-grade, stainless steel brackets via tiny, coloured elastic bands (“o-bands”). One of the original types of braces, their design has been modernised in recent years. Constant innovation makes them less noticeable than older generations, as well as more effective.


Why might I choose clear ceramic braces?

For those concerned by the aesthetic of traditional metal braces, clear ceramic braces are a great solution. Clear ceramic brackets on each tooth hold the archwire in place via clear elastic “o-bands”. This means the whole appliance is far less obvious than silver metal traditional braces.


Are invisible aligners my best option?

Many of our patients choose clear plastic aligners, by Invisalign®. These are one of our most popular treatment options because of how discreet treatment is. Virtually invisible, Invisalign® aligners are comfortable and convenient for adults, children and teenagers.

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What are functional appliances for children?

Functional braces, or functional appliances is the name for a few different options for our youngest patients. Designed to maximise the available space within your child’s mouth, they can help subtly alter your child’s jaw. This helps ensure future treatment is less invasive and costly, supporting their jaw and arch development. Different options can include:

  • Dental expanders, used when your child’s jaw can’t support all their adult teeth, yet to grow in. Expanders will gradually widen your child's dental arch.
  • Space maintainers, which literally “hold space” for the appearance of future, adult teeth. These are useful when your child has lost a baby tooth, before an adult tooth has begun to emerge.
  • Appliances to correct overbites - known as the twin block appliance, this will push your child’s jaw forward over time.

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