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Orthodontic treatment for adults

We all love to laugh and smiling is the universal language of happiness; an important social cue for everyone around us. So many of us are tempted to hide our smiles through embarrassment and this affects our confidence more than we realise.

At Auckland Orthodontics, we provide a range of tailored services to suit adults with varied dental issues. From straightforward tooth alignment issues through to more complex malocclusion (bite misalignment), Dr Raniga can work with you to achieve your dream smile.

The benefits of orthodontic treatment

Straight teeth aren’t just beneficial for confidence and personal aesthetic: good oral hygiene is also key for your overall physical health. Many people don’t realise that poor oral health can be linked to other illnesses, like diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

Having straight teeth means it’s easier to maintain your oral hygiene with brushing and flossing, reducing gum disease and the risk of cavities.

Other benefits include being able to enjoy a varied diet, chewing your food more efficiently and maintaining your dental bone density.

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Bespoke treatment to suit every adult patient

We offer a range of options, from traditional metal and clear ceramic braces, to the popular Invisalign® clear aligners. Whatever your needs, we can revitalise your smile for a lifetime of laughter.

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