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Invisalign® virtual monitoring

At Auckland Orthodontics, we want your treatment to be as convenient and enjoyable as possible. That’s why we offer Invisalign® virtual monitoring to all our Invisalign® patients – for FREE!

What is Invisalign® virtual monitoring?

Invisalign® virtual monitoring allows Dr Raniga to track your Invisalign® treatment progress remotely through the My Invisalign® app. When you download the app, you can send photos of your smile to our team instead of coming in for an appointment.

You can also receive feedback and communicate with our team through the app, which gives you more clarity and peace of mind during your treatment.


How to get started

Setting up Invisalign® virtual care is very simple. You just need to:

1. Download the My Invisalign® app

After you sign up for Invisalign® treatment at our practice, you can download the My Invisalign® app to your smartphone or iPad.

2. Set up an account

Follow the instructions in the app to create your Invisalign® patient account. Make sure to allow push notifications so that you can receive reminders and updates on your treatment.

3. Send us photos of your smile

The app will send you a notification when it’s time to check in with our team. You will send us photos of your smile through the app so we can see how your treatment is progressing.

4. Wait for our feedback

Dr Raniga will assess your photos and respond with his recommendations. You will find out if your treatment is on track, or if he has further instructions for you. He may even have you move to a new set of aligners early, which will speed up your treatment.

Most changes to your treatment can be updated through the app, so we shouldn’t need to see you at our practice unless you’re picking up a new set of aligners!


Benefits of Invisalign® virtual monitoring

  • Fewer appointments: Because you can check in with us through the My Invisalign® app, we won’t need to see you at our practice as often.
  • Better communication: You can contact our team through the app any time if you have a question or concern.
  • More efficient treatment: We will be monitoring your treatment frequently, so we can make small adjustments to keep your treatment on track.
  • Absolute freedom: You can complete your treatment from anywhere with service or wifi!

Enjoy treatment on your terms

Ask us about Invisalign® virtual monitoring during your free Invisalign® consultation at Auckland Orthodontics.

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